Ductless HVAC systems have become increasingly popular because of their added control and energy efficiency. However, before you consider having one, you should understand that ductless systems, just like any other system, are can develop problems. In this guide, we explain three ways to tell if your ductless unit is not working properly in Porterville, CA.

1. Unusually High Utility Bills

A ductless system is a good choice for keeping your home cool and improving your indoor air quality during the summer. You’ll want to keep a close eye on your monthly utility bills to see if they are consistent with those from previous months and years. Suddenly getting unusually high utility bills could indicate that there is something wrong with your ductless system and that you need an expert to check it.

2. Low Output

A low output of conditioned air could indicate that there is a problem as well. Several factors might cause low output from your ductless system. This can be as a result of an electrical problem with a single unit or an issue with a particular air handler.

Loss of output can be a result of a faulty air handler motor, which could compromise its ability to circulate air. Low output from the air handlers may also insinuate that you have a bigger problem, and you may need an expert to examine the system. A common explanation for this problem is that the system is leaking refrigerant.

3. Weird Sounds

You should never ignore any unusual, creepy sound that may crop up when the ductless system is operating. Although these sounds may seem trivial, they are among the first indicators that your ductless unit is not working properly, and you need an expert to check it. A bubbling sound from your system might indicate that your system is failing.

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