When it comes to having dependable heating in the winter and cooling in the summer, HVAC service is important for Porterville residents. Periodic heating and AC tune-ups are essential to indoor comfort. At ZONE Air & Heating, we offer HVAC maintenance plans to ensure your year-round comfort.

  • Our summer and winter maintenance plan consists of a technician coming out twice a year to the customer’s home to inspect their systems and change the air filter.
  • Our quarterly maintenance plan consists of a technician coming out four times a year.

Here are 4 reasons why these plans work:

1. Greatly Reduces Repairs Needed and Lower Repair Costs

Regular maintenance takes care of small issues before they become major problems. If you are cost-conscious, these plans eliminate sudden and unwelcome surprises that could be uncomfortable for your family as well as your pocketbook.

2. They Keep AC Running For Warranties to Remain Valid

Manufacturers, such as Trane, require routine maintenance in order for their warranties to remain in effect.

3. Reduced Porterville Utility Costs with Efficiency

A system that is not working at peak efficiency can add costs to your energy bill each month, while a system in top shape can reduce those dollars spent to keep comfortable.

4. They Help Avoid Stress and Discomfort

In addition to being stressful, DIY repairs can be risky. Electrical components, as well as other parts, can cause issues. A well-trained technician can fix your HVAC, no matter what the cause. He or she will know the right solution to fit the problem, so you can rest assured.

These are four reasons that you should consider the value of a maintenance service plan for your HVAC. Avoid the problems of DIY repairs. Give Comfort Now a call to learn more. We can help keep you stay relaxed throughout the seasons with prevention.

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