Furnaces have an efficiency rate of 80% when it comes to heating the standard American home. During winter, your furnace is very important to keep you and your family warm. So, when it comes to needing a furnace repair service, you want to make sure you’re dealing with the best.

There are certain signs you’ll notice that could mean it’s time for some furnace maintenance. You should never ignore these alerts.

If you’re in Portersville, Visalia, or Hanford CA, and have concerns about a broken furnace, check out the common signs of furnace problems below.

1. Your Furnace Smells Strange

After regular usage, your furnace shouldn’t have a smell. So if you do notice one, this could be a major warning sign of a big problem.

If there is an issue with your furnace, you’ll be able to smell something called Aldehydes. This odor comes from poor combustion. You might notice a metallic smell or a waxy scent like the one you might get after extinguishing a candle.

2. Your Utility Bills Have Gotten Higher

If you have a furnace in Portersville, Visalia, or Hanford CA and your energy bills have increased, your furnace may be to blame.

While your bills would usually increase during colder seasons, a very sudden change can be caused by your furnace running poorly. If you notice your bills rising and can’t explain the change, it is time to get an expert to take a look.

3. Strange Noises Coming From Your Furnace

Any odd noise coming from your furnace is a sure sign that you need to get it checked out. A furnace generally has a soft whirring noise when it is functioning correctly.

However, banging, grinding, and rattling are not normal sounds for your furnace to make. This is a sure way to tell you’ve got a damaged furnace on your hands and need an expert to take a look.

4. You’ve Had Alerts From Your Carbon Monoxide Alarm

If you’ve got a furnace in your home in Portersville, Visalia, or Hanford CA, then it’s also a good idea to have a carbon monoxide alarm. If you notice your alarm going off, then a damaged furnace or heating fault might be to blame.

It’s extremely important to get an expert to take a look if your carbon monoxide alarm is going off. This is a very dangerous chemical that you cannot smell but can be fatal if inhaled.

5. You Aren’t Getting Enough Heat

One sure way to tell that your furnace isn’t working is from a noticeable lack of heat. You should be getting strong ad efficient heat from your furnace whenever it is on, especially in the colder winter months and snowy weather. If this isn’t the case, you likely have a fault in your furnace and need to get an expert to take a look.

Get a Furnace Repair From the Experts

In winter, your furnace is more important than ever. If you need a furnace repair, it is better to get it seen sooner rather than later.

A broken furnace not only means less heat for your home. It can also make your energy bills jump and may even be dangerous for you and your family.

For your furnace repair needs in Portersville, Visalia, and Hanford CA this winter, get in touch today.