Three-quarters of homes in the United States use an air conditioner. We rely on our air conditioners to keep our homes comfortable, but what happens when something goes wrong?

If you notice any of the below signs, you might need air conditioner repair. The sooner you act, the sooner you can make your home cool and comfortable again! Read on to discover what you need to do.

1. Unusual Sounds

Unusual and loud sounds are never a good sign, especially when it comes to your air conditioner. Banging, screeching, and grinding noises are usually a warning that something might be loose, like a belt or broken part. It can also indicate an obstructed fan, a faulty compressor, or debris clogging the system.

Whatever the issue is, calling for air conditioner maintenance can solve the issue.

2. Weak Air Flow

If you place your hand over a vent and you barely feel any air at all, this indicates a weak airflow. Normally, you should be able to feel the air from your vents from around 8-12 inches away.

A weak airflow can point to a clogged filter. In this case, a simple replacement or cleaning will help.

The air might also feel warm rather than cool. The issue might be with the compressor or a lack of refrigerant.

3. Leaks or Pools of Water

Leaks and puddles of water around your unit could be caused by several issues, such as:

  • Low refrigerant levels
  • Frozen coils
  • Clogged drain line
  • A dirty filter
  • Damaged drain pan

AC units will create some moisture, but they’re supposed to take that moisture and remove it, so you’re not dealing with mold. After all, mold grows in places with too much moisture. Mold may cause certain health problems, such as wheezing and shortness of breath.

Don’t wait if you notice this issue; call for maintenance as soon as you see it.

4. Strange Smells

If your home smells musty, much like a damp basement, your air conditioner may be to blame. Musty smells can indicate mold growing in or around your AC or in your ducts.

It might also smell like something is burning. This smell can point to faulty electrical wiring or insulation.

Call for air conditioner repair immediately if you notice these odd and unpleasant odors.

5. Uneven Cooling

When you walk around your home, you may notice some rooms are colder than others. If you can’t find a good reason for this, these temperature fluctuations often mean your system can’t cool your house evenly.

The issue could be debris in the vents somewhere or a system that isn’t large enough to effectively keep your home cool. An HVAC repairman can take a look at your air conditioning unit and find the problem.

Are You in Need of Air Conditioner Repair?

These are some of the most common signs you need air conditioner repair. If you noticed any of the above red flags, don’t panic. Call or contact Comfort Now HVAC to schedule a repair or service.

If you’re in the Visalia or Hanford, CA area, we’ll handle all your heating and cooling needs, from air conditioner replacement to HVAC check-ups and more.