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Air Conditioning and Heating Unit

6 Signs You Need Your Air Conditioning and Heating Unit Replaced

Your air conditioning and heating unit is a vital feature of your home. You rely on it to keep your…

central air conditioning system

The Surprising Health Benefits of a Central Air Conditioning System

In American homes, you're more likely to find an air conditioning unit than a dining room. What was…

AC problems

AC Problems: 4 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs to Be Replaced

Did you know that 87% of American homes use air conditioning? But despite these numbers, it's…

ac blowing hot air

Why is Your AC Blowing Hot Air? The Answer Explained

On average, a well-maintained air conditioner lasts anywhere from 12 to 17 years. If your AC is…

central ac troubleshooting

Central AC Troubleshooting: A Guide for New Homeowners

  Hitting the beach on a hot summer day in California is truly living the dream. The surf is…

hvac repair

4 Warning Signs You’re in Need of an HVAC Repair

The average air conditioner will last between twelve and seventeen years. During this lifespan,…

noisy air conditioner

This Is How to Quiet a Noisy Air Conditioner

In the United States, 89% of single-family homes have air conditioning, and nearly 90% of new homes…

hvac repairs

5 Most Common HVAC Problems and Repairs

In 1902, Willis Carrier invented modern air conditioning. More than a century later, people still…

furnace noises

These Are the Common Furnace Noises You Need to Know

Even in Southern California, we rely on furnaces during chillier months. All furnaces make…

air conditioning problems

5 Air Conditioning Problems That Happen More Often Than Not

More than 87% of American homes have some form of air conditioning. Many homes have central air,…

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