how to stay cool in the summer

How to Stay Cool in the Visalia, CA Summer: Your Guide to Air Conditioning

Visalia, CA is no stranger to hot summer days. As temperatures begin to rise, looking for tips on how to stay cool in the summer becomes part of everyday life for people living in the area.

Luckily, the best air conditioning and proper cooling techniques are lifesavers when the weather outside is brutal. Let's take a look at a few tips to help you stay cool in the summer and keep things running smoothly inside your home.

Use Your Air Conditioner

You may feel like you have the best air conditioner out there, but if you don't stay on top of things where your unit is concerned, you may experience a few issues. There's more to an AC unit than simply turning it on. At times you may need air conditioner service, especially in the summer.

Before the heat gets too bad outside, reach out to a professional air conditioning maintenance team. They can stop by your home to perform diagnostics and checks on your system. When they finish, you'll have the best air conditioner on the block when it comes to staying cool throughout the summer.

Cover the Windows

While the views in Visalia, CA may be beautiful, proper window coverings can be useful tools to help you stay cool. Curtains and shades will help keep the sunlight and heat outdoors where it belongs. They can also be helpful tools for reducing the workload of your air conditioner.

Your curtains and shades should match the design of your home and offer UV protection. Window coverings also help in colder months. You'll add a bit of style to your home while helping make things more energy efficient inside.

Dress Cooler

We don't mean buy a new wardrobe. Dressing cooler means avoiding wearing thick materials when inside your home. Breathable fabrics become our best friends when the summer heat begins to rage.

Shorts, t-shirts, and flowing blouses are all the rage during the summer. For work, wait until you're near the office to throw on your suit jacket. Thinking about the way you dress in the heat will help keep you more comfortable at home and out in public. 

Think About Your Bedding

Summer nights in Visalia, CA can be hot, too hot. One way to fight the heatwave inside your home is to change up your bedding. 

If you have thick duvets or comforters on your bed, summertime is the perfect time to pack those away. You can simply use a sheet or find a covering that is lighter. This will help you sleep better at night and reduce sweating.

How to Stay Cool in the Summer and Much More

If you want to learn how to stay cool in the summer, these tips will help. Instead of fighting the heat, you'll be able to embrace it and have a summer of comfort and fun.

For help maintaining your air conditioning in Visalia, CA the team at Comfort Now Air Conditioning & Heating is here to help! Contact us today to schedule your visit. We'll make sure your unit is in tip-top shape and ready to face the heat!

hvac service

How to Choose the Best HVAC Company to Service Your Home

There are now over 380,000 HVAC maintenance and repair specialists across the US. If you need help with your HVAC system, it's important to find the right contractor. Someone who lacks experience might void your warranty. Here are a few tips that can help you find the best HVAC service in Visalia, CA. With these tips, you can feel confident a knowledgeable contractor is on the job.

Start your search for an HVAC company with these tips today.

Gather Referrals

First, talk to neighbors, friends, and family members who live in Visalia, CA. Ask if they can recommend an HVAC repair team. If they've hired an HVAC company in the last year, ask about their experience.

For example, did the HVAC contractor arrive on time? Was the contractor knowledgeable and professional? Determine if they were able to fix the problem in a timely manner, too.

Gathering referrals can help you find an HVAC repair team you can trust. You can also determine which companies in town to avoid.

If you're unable to find an HVAC service through referrals, start your search online instead.

Read Reviews

If you're starting your search online, make sure to read online reviews for each HVAC contractor on your list. Check the company's Better Business Bureau and Google Business listings for customer reviews.

Try to find a company that has a strong professional reputation. You can find peace of mind choosing a company others already trust.

If you see the same complaints repeat, however, you're likely to experience the same problems, too.

Look for Experience

Though there are over 380,000 HVAC companies in the US, some teams have more experience than others. Determine how long the HVAC contractor has worked in the industry. Consider if they have experience with your type of unit, too.

An experienced team will have an easier time diagnosing the problem and fixing your HVAC system.

Consider Your Needs

Before choosing an HVAC company, consider your specific concerns.

For example, perhaps your unit has started leaking or making strange sounds. Perhaps you're interested in preventative services.

Americans spend $2,000 on energy every year. Perhaps you want to improve the unit's energy efficiency to cut costs instead.

Make sure the company you choose offers services that align with your needs.

Check Their Paperwork

Make sure the company you're considering is licensed, bonded, and insured.

Confirm that they have both worker's compensation and general liability insurance, too.

Compare Prices

Request a quote from at least three different HVAC companies you interview. Requesting more than one estimate can help you determine the average cost for local services. Ask if they offer financing options, too.

Determine if the company offers a warranty for their services, too.

Start Searching: Find the Best HVAC Service in Visalia, CA Today

Finding the best HVAC service in Visalia, CA is easier than you might think. Use these tips to find a company you can trust. With their help, you can improve your unit's energy efficiency without stress.

Need help with your unit right away? We specialize in the repair or replacement of HVAC comfort systems.

Contact our team of experienced contractors today to get started.

air conditioning service

Air Conditioning Service: Six Ways to Prepare for the Warmer Months

During the summer months, temperatures in California can reach up to 86°F. So staying cool during summer can be a real challenge! 

Fortunately, almost 100 million American homes are fitted with AC systems to keep you cool and comfortable in the summer. However, if your system is going to keep running smoothly you need to maintain it properly.

Not sure how to prepare your AC system for summer? Then you're in the right place. Read on to find out six top tips from an experienced home air conditioning service!

1. Check How Old Your Air Conditioning Unit Is

All HVAC systems have a shelf life so it's worth checking how long yours has been around. If your system is less than 5 years old then it should be in good working order. Systems that are older than 10 or 15 years, may need AC repairs or replacing. 

You should be able to find out the age of your system from its manual or by looking at the machine itself. If you can't see this then a heating and air conditioning service may be able to help you out. 

2. Turn Off the Power

If your system is less than 5 years old, you can give it a clean yourself. Before you do this, make sure that the power is off by disconnecting your system at the service panel.

You should never clean your AC system while the power is still on, as you could get electrocuted.

3. Clean Your Air Filters

Once the power is off, start by cleaning or replacing the air filters. If you have fixed air filters, you can clean them using your vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, replace them at least twice a year.

4. Clean the Coils

To remove clean the coils of your AC unit, you will need to unscrew the side and remove this. Then you can lift the coils from the top of your AC unit. 

You can clean these using the soft brush of your vacuum cleaner but you should be very careful when doing this. Bending one of the delicate coils could cause serious issues for your AC system.

5. Check Your Thermostat

Your AC system's thermostat is responsible for regulating its temperature so you need this to be working properly. Check that your thermostat's switches are positioned on 'on' and 'cool'.

If your thermostat isn't working properly, try replacing the batteries. If this doesn't work then you should call a professional for help from a service in Visalia.

6. Test Out the Unit 

Once you have cleaned and checked your unit you can put it back together and test it out. It's a good idea to do this before the warm weather hits. That way, if you need an air conditioning repair you can get this done before you really need to use your AC unit. 

Get Help From an Air Conditioning Service Today

Air conditioning maintenance will help keep your unit running for as long as possible and help you catch repairs quickly. Make sure you do this in plenty of time so that your unit is up and running in time for summer. 

Are you worried about a serious issue with your AC system? Then get in touch with an emergency air conditioning service near Hanford today. 

air conditioner repair

5 Telltale Signs Your Home Needs an Air Conditioner Repair

Three-quarters of homes in the United States use an air conditioner. We rely on our air conditioners to keep our homes comfortable, but what happens when something goes wrong?

If you notice any of the below signs, you might need air conditioner repair. The sooner you act, the sooner you can make your home cool and comfortable again! Read on to discover what you need to do.

1. Unusual Sounds

Unusual and loud sounds are never a good sign, especially when it comes to your air conditioner. Banging, screeching, and grinding noises are usually a warning that something might be loose, like a belt or broken part. It can also indicate an obstructed fan, a faulty compressor, or debris clogging the system.

Whatever the issue is, calling for air conditioner maintenance can solve the issue.

2. Weak Air Flow

If you place your hand over a vent and you barely feel any air at all, this indicates a weak airflow. Normally, you should be able to feel the air from your vents from around 8-12 inches away.

A weak airflow can point to a clogged filter. In this case, a simple replacement or cleaning will help.

The air might also feel warm rather than cool. The issue might be with the compressor or a lack of refrigerant.

3. Leaks or Pools of Water

Leaks and puddles of water around your unit could be caused by several issues, such as:

  • Low refrigerant levels
  • Frozen coils
  • Clogged drain line
  • A dirty filter
  • Damaged drain pan

AC units will create some moisture, but they're supposed to take that moisture and remove it, so you're not dealing with mold. After all, mold grows in places with too much moisture. Mold may cause certain health problems, such as wheezing and shortness of breath.

Don't wait if you notice this issue; call for maintenance as soon as you see it.

4. Strange Smells

If your home smells musty, much like a damp basement, your air conditioner may be to blame. Musty smells can indicate mold growing in or around your AC or in your ducts.

It might also smell like something is burning. This smell can point to faulty electrical wiring or insulation.

Call for air conditioner repair immediately if you notice these odd and unpleasant odors.

5. Uneven Cooling

When you walk around your home, you may notice some rooms are colder than others. If you can't find a good reason for this, these temperature fluctuations often mean your system can't cool your house evenly.

The issue could be debris in the vents somewhere or a system that isn't large enough to effectively keep your home cool. An HVAC repairman can take a look at your air conditioning unit and find the problem.

Are You in Need of Air Conditioner Repair?

These are some of the most common signs you need air conditioner repair. If you noticed any of the above red flags, don't panic. Call or contact Comfort Now HVAC to schedule a repair or service.

If you're in the Visalia or Hanford, CA area, we'll handle all your heating and cooling needs, from air conditioner replacement to HVAC check-ups and more.

how to get rid of allergens

This Is How to Get Rid of Allergens in Your House

In the United States, 6 or more allergens are in about 50 percent of homes. Even if a household does not have nearly as many allergens, people in the home can still experience allergy symptoms.

These allergens not only cause irritating symptoms that may be difficult to stop, but they affect the indoor air quality of your home.

You may be wondering how to get rid of allergens in your home. Read on to learn about the different things you can do.

Vacuum And Dust

While these are things you already do to clean up messes, doing these as often as you can prevent the number of allergens that can be in your home.

Around 20 million Americans have a dust mite allergy. Unfortunately, these pesky mites are wherever there is a build-up of dust. Keeping up with dusting your home can limit the number of dust mites.

When you enter your home, you track in many different things from outside. Having pets can make your floor more prone to allergens because they are outside more than you and tend to shed. Vacuuming frequently with a HEPA filter can limit any allergens brought in as well.

Avoid Certain Houseplants 

Having houseplants can be a nice touch in your home, but they also can cause you and your family members to experience allergies.

If you are allergic to pollen, there are certain plants you should avoid. Male palms, orchids, and spider plants are some of the plants to avoid keeping in your home.

Invest In An Air Purifier

Regardless of what allergens are the culprits of your annoying allergy symptoms, investing in an air purifier can help with cleaning the air in your home.

Sometimes vacuuming and such may not be enough, and a purifier can give extra help.

If you are not sure what kind of air purifier you should purchase, look at the Clean Air Delivery Rate. The higher the CADR is, the better it will work.

Check And Clean Air Filters

Air filters play a huge role in the overall quality of air in your home.

If these filters are not in the best shape, filtering air will not be done as efficiently as it should. These filters can be found in your home HVAC system.

You can hire a professional to check on filters to see if they need to be cleaned or even replaced. If it turns out that you need a replacement in your filters, a professional can help you with choosing the best types of air filters that will work for your home.

How To Get Rid Of Allergens: Professional Help

Now that you know how to get rid of allergens on your own, you may be wondering when you should hire a professional and how this can be beneficial.

Comfort Now is dedicated to offering exceptional services helping with any HVAC issues or installations. Our technicians have experience with a variety of issues, including helping with indoor air quality. We can help you get the clean and allergen-free air that you are looking for.

We offer services to the Visalia and Hanford areas in California. Contact us today if you are interested in hiring us to help improve your indoor air quality or if you have any questions.

Energy savings

How to End Expensive Utility Bills

Are you worried about rising energy costs? You are not alone if so and many people are looking to make energy savings right now. There are a number of ways to make energy savings each month that will help you to end expensive utility bills and have more money left over each month. Not only this, but many of these will help you to reduce your environmental impact too.

So, what are the best ways to end expensive utility bills?

Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a smart way to reduce your environmental impact while still getting the most out of your heating system. These thermostats, also known as smart thermostats, are programmable and can be controlled by your smartphone. This allows you to optimize usage and ensure that you are only using the heating when you really need it.

Window Coverings

While windows are important for letting in the fresh air and natural light, you will also find that they can bring in the temperature from outside and vice versa. This means that in the winter months, cold air can permeate through the glass while in summer you could lose cool air from your system which is replaced by warm air from outside.

Solar window coverings are a smart solution that will help you to maintain the desired temperature inside and avoid having to overwork your HVAC system.

Seal Ducts

Similarly, many homes struggle to maintain temperature due to the duct system and leaks. The EPA estimates that the duct system can lose up to 30% of cooled air due to leaks, so you will want to seal leaks to keep your home at the right temperature. You should also use caulking and weatherstripping to tighten seals around the doors and windows.

AC Maintenance

Homeowners will need to rely on their AC system throughout the year, but issues can arise that could stop it from working efficiently. This is why you need to schedule regular maintenance with air conditioning and heating experts in the Visalia, CA and Hanford, CA areas. They will be able to perform regular maintenance, including a filter change, throughout the year and be available if there are any repairs that need doing.

Regular maintenance will keep your system running efficiently and should help to keep your utility bills down.

Wash Clothes On a Cold Setting

Hot water usage is a major reason why so many households have high energy bills each month. One of the best ways to reduce hot water consumption is to wash your clothes on a cold setting and to air dry them. It is proven that washing on cold works effectively and could also prolong the life of your clothes. This will help you to lower your energy bill and reduce your environmental impact.

Make Energy Savings With These Tips

These are a few of the best ways to make energy savings each month. It is easy to panic when you hear about rising energy costs, but there are always ways that you can reduce your utility bills while also doing your part to save the planet.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you to save money and keep your AC running smoothly.


5 Big Benefits of Having a Heater Tune Up This Fall

heater tune-up

Every Fall, we make sure our home is prepared for winter by reviewing our fire alarms, ensuring all doors and windows are locked, and checking the weather forecast. But it's also essential to do heater maintenance on your heating system. This includes having it inspected, cleaned, serviced, and ready to meet the demands of chilly temperatures.

We've gathered the top five reasons to get a heater tune-up before winter comes around. We're heating things up (see what we did there?)!

#1 Keep Your Home Comfortable

A heater tune-up this Fall can keep your system running at peak performance. Unfortunately, in the jumble of complex parts that make up a modern heating unit, problems usually begin with minor issues like dirty filters or clogged ducts.

This, in turn, leads to poor circulation and inefficient heat distribution. So, a thorough Fall furnace inspection will not only put your mind at ease, but it could save you money in wasted energy costs.

#2 Heater Tune-Ups Save You Time & Headaches During Emergencies

Running into problems with your heater during cold weather is frustrating and inconvenient, but it can also turn dangerous very quickly if it cannot produce heat as needed.

Instead, have a professional take care of repairs or replacements before winter comes, with a Fall heater tune-up, so you will be ready regardless of what Mother Nature has in store.

This way, you won't have to worry about waking up early on Christmas morning just because Santa decided to leave a little something extra in your stocking.

#3 Create Safe Air for Home & Family

Before your annual furnace tune-up, take the time to clean or replace your air filter. If you haven't replaced yours recently (or ever), now is the time to do so.

It only takes about five minutes and will help ensure cleaner indoor air throughout the season. All this while protecting everyone from potential health risks like asthma and allergies.

#4 Extend the Life of Your Heating System

An annual tune-up can help prolong the life of your system, as well as reduce its overall energy usage. This means less wear and tear on many components, as well as a more negligible impact on your monthly utility bills.

We recommend having your heating unit serviced every year before the winter months set in. This will ensure home comfort and safe air for all those cold nights ahead!

#5 It's Time for a Heater Tune-Up When...

It's been several years since you've had your system professionally inspected and repaired. Most HVAC systems need professional repairs every 5 to 10 years.

So if it's been a while since your last tune-up, now is the perfect time to have one done before winter gets here.

In addition to safety, your heating contractor can also inspect other aspects of your furnace. For example, they can help diagnose any system noises that you may have become familiar with over the years. They can also tell you what to expect for maintenance or repair of these noises.

Then, if it's time for repairs or replacement, they'll make sure to get everything up to date to keep you safe and comfortable.

Get Tuned-Up Before Winter Hits

Your heater is already working double-time to keep your home warm, so help give it a boost by having a heater tune-up. You'll save money on energy bills while keeping yourself safe and cozy all winter long.

If you're in Hanford, Visalia, or Tulare County in CA, contact us today for more information on how we can help you stay comfortable throughout the colder months ahead!

Air Conditioning and Heating Unit

6 Signs You Need Your Air Conditioning and Heating Unit Replaced

Your air conditioning and heating unit is a vital feature of your home. You rely on it to keep your home at a comfortable temperature during the hottest summers and the coldest winters. 

If you want to keep your home at a cool and pleasant temperature all year round, you need to keep your heating and cooling systems in good working order. This means recognizing the signs that there might be something wrong with your unit. This article lists six telltale signs that there may be something wrong with your heating and cooling equipment. 

1. Warm Air When It Should Be Cooling

One of the telltale signs that you need HVAC repair is if your unit is putting out warm air when it should be cooling. If your AC unit puts out hot air, it suggests there might be a problem with the AC coils. 

You should call out a qualified HVAC technician to diagnose the problem. 

2. When Your Bills Go Sky High

If you're hit with an unexpectedly high utility bill, it could indicate a problem with your system. There are various issues with your heating and cooling system that could mean it has to work extra hard to keep up. This would result in a much higher utility bill than usual. 

3. High Humidity

If your air conditioning and heating unit is working correctly, you shouldn't get any humidity inside your home. If you notice the humidity level rising, it could indicate a problem. 

4. Unusual Sounds and Odors

You could also notice unusual sounds or odors coming from your unit. If anything looks or smells amiss, it's usually not a good sign. You should call in a pro to diagnose the issue. 

5. You Have to Adjust Your Thermostat a Lot

If you constantly need to adjust the thermostat to get your house to a comfortable temperature, there could be a problem. With a properly working air conditioning and heating unit, you shouldn't need to mess with the thermostat much at all. 

6. Your System is Old

If your air conditioning and heating unit is getting very old, it might be time to replace it. Not only do old systems not function as effectively as newer models, but they're also much less efficient. Replacing your system could be a great way to reduce your utility bill. 

The older the system is, the more likely it is that it would be cheaper to simply replace your system rather than repairing it. 

We Can Help You With Replacing Your Air Conditioning and Heating Unit

Replacing your air conditioning and heating unit can make a huge difference for your home and your utility bills. A new unit will heat and cool your home quickly and maintain a consistent temperature. It will also be much more efficient, saving you money on your utility bills. 

If you're looking for a highly qualified air conditioning and cooling company to replace your unit, take a look at our contact page and book an appointment today. 

central air conditioning system

The Surprising Health Benefits of a Central Air Conditioning System

In American homes, you're more likely to find an air conditioning unit than a dining room. What was once considered a luxury is now a common feature of most houses in the US. 

A central air conditioning system helps regulate the temperature of your building, decrease humidity, and ward off the effects of high temperatures. It gives you comfort and relaxation year-round. 

The benefits of a central AC system go beyond mere comfort, though. They can also offer a range of surprising health benefits. Here are a few. 

You'll Sleep Better

We sleep better in cooler temperatures. This is because when we begin to feel tired, our body's natural temperature starts to drop. Stepping into a swelteringly hot room may block this process. 

A cooler room not only means that you'll be able to fall asleep faster, but it means you'll be able to sleep for longer. This is because your body's temperature begins to rise the closer you are to waking.

Some people can wake up during the night due to a rise in heat. A central air conditioning system will prevent this from happening by keeping your room cool all night long. 

Better sleep can lead to less stress, an increase in happiness, and a better immune system. And air conditioning can help you achieve all of this. 

Your Indoor Air Quality Will Improve

Indoor air quality has become a point of concern for many over recent years. 

Air quality will significantly increase with a central AC system. In your home, pollutants and chemicals are constantly building up inside. These irritants can become trapped in enclosed spaces and lead to respiratory problems, especially for people living with asthma.

Special filters in your air conditioning system work by removing dust, irritants, and harmful gasses from the environment and replacing them with cool and clean air.

The filter will also be able to remove pollen and dust mites from the air inside your home. 

The Humidity in Your Home Will be Regulated

Humidity in Visalia and Handford can fluctuate a lot depending on the season. Maintaining balance is key. 

Too much humidity can be harmful and lead to respiratory issues, but it also causes mold to grow in your house, which can lead to further breathing problems. 

On the other hand, low humidity can cause you health problems too. These include dry skin, dehydration, and a weakened immune system. 

Air conditioning systems will regulate the humidity in your home using evaporator coils that condense the water vapor from the air in your home, keeping humidity at manageable and safe levels. 

This will lead to a better immune system and increased respiratory health.

Reap the Health Benefits of a Central Air Conditioning System Today

Want to start realizing these benefits today? The best thing you can do is keep your central air conditioning system in good check. 

If you're in the Visalia or Handford areas and need AC repairs or maintenance, contact Comfort Now today to see how we can help you. 

AC problems

AC Problems: 4 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs to Be Replaced

Did you know that 87% of American homes use air conditioning? But despite these numbers, it's amazing how many people don't know when to replace their units. In fact, many don't even recognize huge warning signs! By learning about these warning signs, you'll be able to tell when you need to ditch your old system and get a new one. In this article, we'll discuss 4 serious AC problems where you'll probably need to replace your unit.

1. It's Making Loud Noises

If your air conditioning is working correctly, it should be pretty silent, besides the blowing sound. So if there are any banging, clanking, or whining sounds coming from your AC, this should be cause for concern.

If you've already had your AC unit repaired multiple times and it's still making these loud noises, then it's high time you have it replaced.

2. You've Had to Make Multiple Repairs

On that note, if you keep having to dial a local HVAC professional in your area to come fix your unit, then it's time to rethink things. It's just not financially wise to keep making repairs when you can just make an investment in a newer unit. Units over a decade old need to be replaced anyway.

Not only is a new AC system going to need fewer repairs (maybe even none in the first few years), but it'll also save you some money. More modern technology means you'll purchase units that have better energy efficiency, which can be a huge help if you've noticed that your utility bills are sky-high in recent years.

3. There Are Strange Smells

Of course, your AC shouldn't emit any smells. So if you get a whiff of mold, mildew, sulfur (like rotten eggs), or even burning, then take these as serious signs.

You'll most likely need an AC replacement if you're experiencing these odors. This is especially true if you've been diligently following up with maintenance and you're still getting these smells.

4. Your House Doesn't Cool Evenly

Over time, AC units become less efficient. As a result, one room might be comfortably cool while the one next to it is stifling hot. In fact, some areas might even feel humid!

Again, if you've been getting regular maintenance on your AC system and this is still happening, then it's a huge red flag that it needs to be replaced. You might have issues with your equipment or the ductwork, so it's best to have a pro come pintpoint your issues.

Don't Ignore These AC Problems

If you run across any of the above AC problems, don't ignore them. Have an HVAC expert come and inspect it, then replace your AC if needed.

By taking prompt action, you'll ensure that your air conditioning will be working when you need it the most.

Are you having AC problems in Visalia, Hanford, or the surrounding areas? Then please contact Comfort Now HVAC. We're here to help with our great customer guarantee!