It takes more than just an efficient HVAC system to keep your Porterville, CA, home comfortable. Even high-quality Trane heating and cooling systems won’t function properly without a thermostat that’s accurate and reliable. If your system doesn’t seem to be working correctly, a miscalibrated thermostat is a simple problem to diagnose.

How Your HVAC Thermostat Works

To effectively maintain comfortable conditions, your HVAC system has to constantly monitor the air temperature in your home. When the temperature rises or falls too far, the system begins a heating or cooling cycle to restore comfort. Your HVAC thermostat is the key component that makes all of this happen. Its primary job is to measure the current air temperature and compare it to your desired setpoint temperature.

Why Proper Calibration Is Crucial

As you can see, this process only works if your thermostat can measure temperatures in your home accurately. If the thermostat isn’t calibrated properly, it will produce inaccurate readings that can affect your HVAC system’s operation. As a result, your comfort is likely to suffer. Your system may also continue running past the point at which it would normally shut down, increasing your energy costs.

Checking Your Thermostat’s Calibration

There’s a simple test you can perform if you suspect your thermostat may not be reading correctly. All you’ll need is a standard glass thermometer, a paper towel, and some tape. Tape the thermometer next to the thermostat, using a folded paper towel to prevent it from touching the wall directly. Wait around 15 minutes before comparing the thermometer’s reading to the reading on your thermostat. If there’s a discrepancy of more than one degree, your thermostat requires recalibration.

An accurate thermostat is critical to the overall function of your HVAC system. Managing your settings properly can even save up to 10% on your annual energy costs. If poor calibration is preventing you from getting the most out of your HVAC system, check out ZONE Air & Heating’s heating and cooling services or call 559-306-6433.