Did you know that 90% of American households have AC units installed?

As the summer rolls on and the temperatures continue to rise, AC could seem to be your best option for cooling your house.

However, more and more people are starting to see the value of installing fan systems to cool their homes.

Where do you stand in the fan vs. ac debate? What are the advantages of each system?

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The Advantages of Fan Systems

If you are interested in lowering your carbon footprint, then a fan system could be for you. The fan unit itself will produce or use no harmful gases or pollutants whatsoever. This means that you will have a more environmentally friendly air movement system.

A fan system is a very simple system. As mentioned it does not require any chemicals. This means that it does not require and piping or invasive installation before you can switch it on. The operating costs are generally low and it will require little maintenance over its long lifespan.

Fan systems can be portable or fixed. You can move a portable fan system from room to room as you need to. If you stop using a room, you can remove the fan from the room for free. This is not so easy with an AC System.

Fan systems definitely have their advantages, however they do lack some significant functionality. What are these?

The Advantages of AC Systems

While fan systems do have their advantages, we have to accept that actually, they only move air in the room. They do not actually have any cooling or heating ability. If you have a room that becomes stifling hot in summer, an AC unit is the only way to lower the ambient temperature in the room.

While fan systems are generally cheaper, AC systems are also dropping in price. When you consider their greater functionality, you may wish to benefit from a low-cost AC unit.

Many people are not aware that AC units also work as dehumidifiers. This means that your skin’s cooling system is more effective due to the average low moisture level in the air.

The Verdict

Fan systems are effective at providing air movement and a degree of relief in a warm house. However, if you are constantly living or working in a warm or humid environment, you will likely need a more powerful system that can control the temperature in the air.

Fan vs. AC – Which Should You Choose?

There is an ongoing debate about Fan vs. AC. Which is best for you? You likely now have the data you need to be able to choose how you will cool your home.

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