Purchasing the right HVAC system for your commercial space ensures that it is efficient and provides comfort. Choosing the right size HVAC system is a daunting task, and there are factors you need to take into consideration. Here are things to consider when sizing to put a new unit into a commercial building in Terra Bella, CA.

Building Type

It is important to consider the space where you will install the unit. You will need to consider the square footage of your building and the height of your ceilings to determine the cubic foot volume. A building with high ceilings will require a unit that offers more heating and cooling.


The nature of your business will determine the size of an HVAC system. Some businesses like grocery stores or hospitals will require more cooling than office spaces.


The climate of your location will help you determine the size of your system. A building in a hot climate will have different cooling needs than the one in a colder climate. Buildings in hot and humid climates usually require larger systems than buildings in cooler regions.

Existing Insulation

Insulation helps to keep outdoor heat from entering your home. Buildings with inadequate insulation may require larger systems to keep them comfortable.

Windows are a source of energy loss in a building. A building with many windows will require more cooling. The type of windows also affects the size of the system that you will require.

Type of System

There various types of HVAC systems. Some HVAC systems offer more heating or cooling than others. For example, furnaces offer more heat than heat pumps due to their combustion process. Other systems require existing ductwork while others don’t.

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