To quote Game of Thrones, winter is coming. That means it’s time for quality heating. Here in Visalia, CA, temperatures can drop to 38°F in winter.

If you’ve noticed your home is slow to heat up, that could point to an inefficient furnace.

Dust builds up throughout your home throughout the summer. Other allergens in the air can also build-up, along with condensation.

This buildup, when added to the dirt and soot from the previous winter, clogs the burners. They won’t burn as efficiently as clean burners, meaning it costs more to warm your home.

Make cleaning gas furnace burners part of your regular maintenance regime. Next year, you’ll have clean burners before you need them.

If you’re keen to start cleaning furnace burners in your Visalia CA home, read on to learn how and why to do it.

1. Check the Burners are Clean

Before you dismantle the furnace, you can tell if your burners need to be cleaned at all. Look at the flames.

If they’re even and blue, your burner is clean. Yellow flames mean the burners are dirty. The flames change color as they cope with debris or dust.

If you’ve got yellow flames, move onto step 2.

2. Check the Furnace Filter

Turn off your gas and electricity supply to the furnace before you start any maintenance.

Check the filter is clean before you start cleaning dirty furnace burners. The filter might be in the furnace itself. Otherwise, it’ll be a grate in the floor or wall nearby.

Remove the filter and hold it up to a light source. Is the light shining through it? Your filter is fine and you can move onto step 3.

If the light can’t get through, you need to change the filter. Replace the filter and move onto step 3.

3. Access the Burners

Take the front panel off the furnace. Your owner’s manual will give specific instructions for your type of furnace.

You’ll find the burners in a chamber above the blower. Take the burners out so you can clean them.

4. Cleaning Furnace Burners

Use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum to clean the burners. It’ll remove dust or rust that has built up since the last clean.

You might find the dirt is too stubborn to remove. If so, tap the burners to help knock any debris loose. Vacuum around the blower too while you have the furnace open.

5. Reassemble the Furnace

Once they’re clean, put the burners back in the furnace. Replace the front panel on the unit. It’s now safe to turn the gas and electricity supply back on.

If your heaters are blowing cold air, check out our guide to diagnose the problem.

Enjoy a Warm Home

Now you know why cleaning furnace burners should be part of your annual maintenance. You also know how to do it so you can clean them yourself.

Yet you may still find issues with your furnace. It may need further repair, so you’ll need professional help to diagnose the problem.

If you’re in Hanford CA or Visalia CA, contact us today and we’ll get your home toasty warm for the winter.