Why More People Buy From Comfort Now Air Conditioning & Heating

  1. We install over 400 systems a year locally. We know the climate, the codes and the constructions in this area. We know what works and what doesn’t. Your job isn’t going to be our testing or training ground. The job will be done right the first time saving you time and money.
  2. We have an in house training program. Ongoing training insures your job will be completed to the highest standard giving you the lowest cost of ownership and the best value.
  3. We have an office staff not an answering machine. When you call us you will talk to a live phone operator which helps us respond to your needs as if it was a fire.
  4. We only use time tested field tested parts and supplies. Which means they work better, they are safer and they last longer. They save you money and inconvenience.
  5. We use well marked vehicles. Not the creepy white mystery van. You and your neighbors will feel comfortable knowing who is actually working in your neighborhood.
  6. Our employees all arrive in uniform. This way you know the technician is a comfort now employee covered by our license and insurance. This transfers the liability from you as homeowner to us as a service provider, eliminating your financial risk.
  7. We use highly trained professional installers. Believe it or not but we could get a couple of guys from this area to show up and install your air conditioner for $400. Problem is they will not do your job following the energy star guidelines. They won’t have an installation checklist when they finish. It may or may not be working when they leave and they won’t come back. Our installers are trained to comfort now exacting standards and they hit it out of the park almost every time.
  8. We administer a nationwide criminal background checks on all employees that will be working inside your home. Were you aware that the number one and number two trades being taught in our prison system today are plumbing and air conditioning? With comfort now, your wife and your kids are safe…. And so are your belongings.
  9. We administer drug screening on our employees. This helps to ensure your belongings remain your belongings. Drug free technicians also have clearer heads, make fewer mistakes and produce higher quality work.
  10. We wear shoe covers, and use drop clothes to protect your floor from dirt and damage.
  11. We pull the required permits. This provides your third party protection and keeps your family safe.
  12. Our work is done to the energy star guidelines which exceeds local code standards. It will work better, and last longer giving you the lowest possible cost of ownership.
  13. We guarantee your satisfaction. It is not possible to waste your money with comfort now.
  14. We prioritize warranty calls. Other companies will get to it when they get to it. People who buy their systems from us get a fast pass to the front of the lines. We will respond to your needs like a fire.
  15. We offer a variety of easy payment options which makes the right decision more affordable.

Doesn’t it make sense to use a company that you can trust. That will do the job the way you would expect and backs up everything up with our company guarantees taking away all the risk and giving you the lowest possible cost of ownership.