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Hanford is hopping...

...and we love getting out to King's County to serve our customers there.

Its bustling business climate and gorgeous architecture make it a fantastic place to be any day of the week.

Beautiful as it is, Hanford does present some unique challenges to homeowners. Both the climate and the air quality mean that having a functioning heater and AC are paramount to any resident’s health and well-being.


Hanford gets hot enough to have drafted an “extreme heat plan.” Cooling centers open up around the city for those who can’t afford to fix a broken AC. Of course, we are neighbors helping neighbors first, so we tend to work with homeowners who are in this situation. With highs stretching well into the nineties from June until September, we understand air conditioning is a necessity, not a luxury.

It’s not easy to get away with living without the right heater, either. While it rarely dips below freezing in Hanford, temperatures do get cold enough to create some concerns. Even temperatures in the forties can feel downright frigid inside a home, distracting and uncomfortable in the extreme. You’ll see temperatures like that from November through March. We recommend regular annual HVAC maintenance to ensure you can keep your home comfortable at any time of the year.

Air Quality

Hanford enjoys a decent average air quality. Often the AQI is low, well into “good” ranges. Sometimes it can reach up to “moderate,” which means people with allergies or respiratory problems would want to limit their exposure. The primary pollutant is ozone, which is more than capable of irritating the lungs and airways.

This means if you’re on a tight budget, you don’t necessarily need to do anything special to address your indoor air quality. But remember, the indoors can be far more polluted than the outdoors. Inadequate ventilation, dirty ducts, or the lack of an air filter can trap all sorts of pollutants in the air. If you have asthma or allergies, it’s a good idea to ask us how we can help you improve your indoor air quality.