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Porterville is a great little community off the beaten path, one that presents special challenges to us as HVAC professionals.

It’s close to the foothills, and prevailing winds can blow a lot of soot, dust, and other pollution into the city. This means we have to be vigilant about helping local residents manage indoor air quality.

And as you assess your HVAC needs, you should be thinking about air quality too, as well as the local climate.


Temperatures in Porterville can get dangerously hot. The city maintains cooling centers for residents who may have an emergency situation.  It’s not unusual to see highs well into the nineties, especially in the months of June through September. Of course, we don’t want you to have to go to a cooling center. We want you to stay comfortable in your own home, and suggest you engage in regular AC maintenance every year. We also will get to you fast if you have any kind of emergency outage.

The city does maintain cooling centers too though, and that is because temperatures can dip below freezing in the winter months. If your heater isn’t in good working order you can become quite uncomfortable in December, January, and February. The cold can become severe enough to threaten infants and the elderly, so make sure you have us out for an affordable yearly heating maintenance check, too.

Air Quality

As mentioned, Porterville really struggles with air quality issues, especially in the summer months. It’s common for air quality to swing between moderate and unhealthy ranges. PM2.5, a fine particle made primarily of dust, soot, and emissions is the common problem here, rather than pollen.

If you have any kind of allergies or respiratory issues an air filter might help. We can install one right into your AC. This will keep your indoor air quality at healthy levels and help you breathe easier. Call us to learn more about the solutions we can offer.

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