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Visalia is...

...such a gorgeous community, and we have a lot of fun serving our customers there.

Some of the historic buildings can present some unique heating and cooling challenges, which we typically meet by performing heat load and air duct tests that help us determine the best way to make these buildings as comfortable as possible.

After all, structures erected in the 1800s weren’t exactly built with air conditioning in mind! When it comes to meeting your heating and cooling needs, there are two things that we want residents of Visalia (or people who are relocating to Visalia) to think about: climate and air quality.

It would be easy to assume that Visalia never gets cold enough to require a heater, but that’s a misconception. During the winter months, average temperatures hover between 37 and 38 degrees. You could technically survive those temperatures without a heater, but why would you want to? It would be an uncomfortable way to live. A sound HVAC system will give you a comfortable, livable temperature to enjoy all year round.


Last year, Visalia experienced 11 days where outdoor temperatures skyrocketed past the 100-degree mark. The average summer day temperature hovers around 94 degrees during the summer months, but you should never be surprised to see it get hotter than that.

A good AC is a necessity in Visalia just as it is in most of California. Heatstroke is a very real threat, so it’s essential to know the signs of this dangerous condition, to respond quickly when you see the signs, and to keep your AC in good working condition to protect your family members.

Air Quality typically lists “moderate” air quality ratings for the Visalia area. The City of Visalia actively works to reduce pollutants. For example, Visalia offers a “Clean Green Yard Machine” rebate to anyone who will replace their old gas mower with a cleaner electric one. You can learn more about the program here. It’s one of many green agendas in the city since Visalia was one of the first cities to endorse the Cool Cities Initiative, a grassroots movement meant to reduce global warming.

Despite these measures, the Visalia AQI (air quality index) does occasionally reach the 101 to 150 range, which is classified as being “unhealthy for sensitive groups.” If you have severe allergies, you might want to consider adding an air filter to your AC so that you can keep harmful particles out of your own home.