When you buy a new air conditioner for your Terra Bella, CA home, you’re investing in your family’s comfort. Most units come with a warranty that protects that investment.

Unfortunately, many homeowners never give the warranty a second thought until something drastic happens, and they discover it’s no longer active. To prevent that from happening to you, here are four things you can do to ensure your air conditioner warranty remains valid.

1. Register Your Warranty

As simple as this sounds, many homeowners never take the time to register their warranty. You don’t have to register the day you buy your new AC unit, but you should do it as soon as you can. While many manufacturers require you to register within six to 12 months, some require you to register within 60 days.

2. Perform AC Maintenance

Your AC unit is a machine that requires care to keep it in good working condition. Manufacturers won’t guarantee the performance, repair, or replacement of equipment that you have neglected. Typically, manufacturers require AC maintenance once a year from a qualified technician to keep the warranty in force.

3. Hire Qualified Technicians

While you might be tempted to do a few small DIY repairs to save some money, you could inadvertently void your air conditioner warranty. Most warranties require AC repair work to be done by a licensed HVAC professional.

4. Avoid Alternate Replacement Parts

Avoiding off-brand replacement parts goes along with item No. 3. Manufacturers aren’t likely to guarantee products made by another company because they have no quality control over another company’s manufacturing process. An experienced technician will always use the correct replacement parts.

Our technicians have the expertise needed to install and service your new AC system and keep your air conditioner warranty valid. To learn more about our maintenance services, check out the AC maintenance plans we offer at ZONE Air & Heating Inc. or call (559) 306-6433.