Clicks or clanks from your air conditioner can hinder quality sleep; it’s also a sign that your Tulare, CA, air conditioning unit may have defects that require immediate attention. If left unchecked by an HVAC professional, these minor defects can lead to costlier repairs and replacements over time. Here are the possible causes of five common AC noises.

Hissing or Bubbling Noise

If you hear a hissing sound in your home but no snake is found around the premises, it might be your air conditioner. A hissing or bubbling noise might suggest an underlying problem, like a leak in your refrigerant line. If it does end up being a refrigerant leak, you’ll want to consult a professional immediately about AC repair as refrigerant fluid is highly toxic to humans if handled or disposed of incorrectly.

Clanking and Banging

Both noises can likely indicate a loose or broken component inside the AC unit. The part in question could be anything from a connecting rod to a crankshaft. The sound might also indicate an unbalanced indoor blower or the compressor holding all of the parts together loosening.


Pulsating noises don’t necessarily mean a damaged AC unit. A soft pulsating noise is harmless when the air conditioner runs. That said, if your outdoor AC is making a pulsating noise that is audible from inside your home, it could be a defective fan motor and blades.

A properly functioning AC unit is a smart long-term investment that you’ll want to have at home. And while DIY solutions to common AC problems may be available, it’s best to let someone trained and experienced in HVAC repair and maintenance handle it for you. We, at ZONE Air & Heating Inc., can help you install, maintain and repair any AC unit.

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