It’s that time of year in Springville, CA, when you turn on your heating system to combat those nighttime lows. The last thing you want is your furnace blowing cold air when you want to turn up the heat. Below are five possible reasons why your furnace blows cold air.

Loose Connections

If there’s a loose connection, you won’t receive the hot air you require. Over time, the connections between your furnace and ductwork come loose and prevent warm air from getting where it needs to go. When this happens, you need the maintenance services of an experienced technician.

Thermostat Issues

When your heating system blows cold air, it’s sometimes an issue with the thermostat instead. If your thermostat runs on batteries, try changing them out for fresh ones. You may also have a defective thermostat that’s not properly communicating with the furnace.

Tripped Breakers

Another possible reason for cold air from your furnace could be a tripped breaker. Even with a gas furnace, there’s typically an electric starter that requires electricity.

Wrong Thermostat Setting

Some thermostats have a switch that lets you choose between heating and cooling. Sometimes, you may forget to change the switch over to the heat setting early in the cold season, or you may have someone in the house changing the thermostat settings because they believe it’s too soon to use the heater.

You May Need to Replace Your HVAC System

The age and condition of your current furnace also play a role in why you’re receiving cold air. Older systems require more repairs and upkeep. They become less efficient over time, requiring you to replace the system entirely.

Don’t let your furnace leave you in the cold this winter by waiting until it’s too late. You can count on our contractors to treat you and your home with the utmost respect while we get the job done with little to no disruption. Contact us at Zone Air & Heating, Inc. today, so our trustworthy technicians can help with your heating repair and installation needs.

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