Working from home is becoming increasingly popular as the business world runs more and more online. If you telecommute in the Terra Bella, CA, area, you get to enjoy the comforts of home during the workday, but you’re cut off from the benefits of the office. One of the best benefits of a properly maintained office is air quality. When you’re at home, air quality is your own responsibility. Learn how to improve your indoor air quality and what it takes to ensure your air stays clean and refreshing.

Improve Ventilation

Seal any leaks or cracks in your doors and windows, and if necessary, have a qualified professional inspect your home for adequate ventilation. If the air feels stuffy, open a few windows to allow fresh air to circulate in your home and stale air to escape.

Install an Air Filter

Home air purifiers and HVAC add-on air filters are a practical solution for improving indoor air quality. A high-quality air filter can remove particle contaminants, gases, odors, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air for fresh, pure air quality.

Monitor CO2 Levels

Carbon dioxide isn’t deadly like carbon monoxide, but monitoring CO2 levels is an easy way to gauge your indoor air quality. If air quality is low, you likely have a few pollutants. If it’s too high, you’re wasting energy. A CO2 monitor can help you find the middle ground.

Replace Your Air Filters

When’s the last time you changed your HVAC system’s air filter? Air filters get a buildup of dirt, dust, and debris over time, so it’s best to change it every few months to keep this debris from entering your home.

If you’re looking to optimize your interior air quality for your workday at home, ZONE Air & Heating Inc. can help. With our air purification services, we can optimize your interior air quality, and we also offer products such as purifiers and ventilators. Contact us online today to learn about our air quality solutions or call 559-306-6433 to schedule your appointment.

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