Air purifiers can help you and your loved ones breathe easier, get relief from allergy symptoms and have a cleaner home. They are truly made to improve the indoor air quality of your home in Porterville, CA. Get the most out of your air purifier by following the tips below.

Keep It Going

It is best to keep your air purifier running at all times if you can afford it. You should keep it on the low or medium setting, so it will run quietly in the background. Running your system on automatic may cut it off when you need it most.

Clean the Filters

You should always make sure that you clean your air purifier’s filters on a monthly basis. You can rinse them under clean water, wipe them down with a damp cloth or even vacuum them. This will ensure that your air purifier can continue doing its job without clogs or excess debris.

Replace the Filters

It is also important to replace the filters in your air purifier as necessary. Most air purifiers require a replacement on at least a yearly basis, but you should do this more often if you have excess dust or pet dander. Many filters continue to perform for more than a year, but it is best to keep to a replacement schedule.

Go Over

Most Air purifiers will list the square footage that they can cover. It is better if they do not have your home’s exact square footage, to go over rather than under. Choose an air purifier that covers slightly more area rather than slightly less.

Contact ZONE Air & Heating Inc.

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