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Comfort Now Team

We Take Your Comfort Level Very Seriously

Comfort Now not only believes in giving you and your family optimal comfort for your home since 2011, we strive to set ourselves apart from the rest in our industry. We not only hire the very best, we do continual training for all of our technicians that will be in your home. When our trained technicians arrive in your home, you can expect at least a couple hour true evaluation of the entire system in your home, at no cost to you. We look for any deficiencies you may have, educate on what we found and why there maybe a better solution, and build a true “custom estimate” to ensure maximum benefit and life out of your new system. Comfort Now does not stop at the inspection or even the installation. We will be your partner though out the life of your equipment with routine maintenance checks and continual follow up care for your unit. We even ensure peace of mind with a No Breakdown Guarantee on anything that we maintenance in the future.

How else do we differ?

  • Free evaluations of your entire system in your home.
  • Education on unit size, duct size, sealing of ducts, and various other issues systems have.
  • Quality Control!! You receive a final inspection checklist.
  • Honest and transparent spend options for you and your family.
  • Energy Star Quality Installation of your unit.
  • Investment Protection in your equipment and home.
  • We pull all proper permits that are required by law and for any insurance.

Our 5 Guarantees:

  • Personal Guarantee
  • 1 year Buy It Back Guarantee
  • No Surprises Guarantee
  • 1 Year NO Lemon Guarantee
  • Apples to Apples Guarantee
Home of the No Breakdown Guarantee!

Comfort Now will guarantee to waive all service fees and dispatch fees if we do maintenance on your system and your system breaks down within12 months from the time of maintenance!

Comfort Now's Breathe Easy Program

Comfort Now also strives to keep your family healthy with our Breathe Easy program and Indoor Air Quality equipment. Ask us how to help keep your home at its optimal levels of healthy by being able to keep dust, pollen, dander, and virus out of your home.

Breathe Easy
Stage 1

Media Filter

Back of the return picks up all the big particles; between 3-5" filter.

Stage 2

Blower Ionizer

80% of air is smaller than .8 microns - turns snowflakes into snowballs.

Stage 3

Bacterial Growth Inhibitor

Evaporative is cool dark place for food source - bug zapper for mold and bacteria to grow on that coil.

Stage 4

Induct Sanitizer

Created cleaning particles that are able to blow thru out house and clean duct work, air and services.

Stage 5

Particle Absorber

Able to absorb particles at .8 microns at 99 efficient, only thing that can remove particles that small; wholing hepafilter.

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