A growing body of evidence suggests that indoor air quality is a significant hazard in many homes and businesses. Air quality can be affected by a variety of pollutants, but particulate matter is of special concern indoors. The key to limiting the impact of particulates in your Springville, CA home or office is identifying and treating air quality issues promptly. To do that, it’s helpful to understand what particulates are and why they pose a threat.

The Problem of Particle Pollution

Particulate matter, also called particle pollution, is a broad term that refers to a complex mixture of particles suspended in the air. This mixture may contain organic compounds, tiny drops of liquid, gaseous chemicals, dust particles, combustion byproducts, and more. Particulate matter becomes especially hazardous when the particles are very small and able to enter your bloodstream when you inhale them.

Signs of Excessive Particulate Matter

The troubling thing about particle pollution is that it often goes undetected until it begins causing health problems. Common signs of particulate matter issues are respiratory irritation and illness, decreased lung function, worsening asthma, and irregular heartbeat. You may also experience headaches, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue. If you notice these issues begin or worsen when you spend time indoors, you likely have excessive particle pollution. Other signs to monitor include rapid dirt buildup on HVAC vents and components, unusual odors and uneven air distribution from your HVAC system.

Managing Indoor Air Quality

If you suspect you have problems with airborne particulates, the first step should be to schedule an air quality test. An indoor air quality expert can assess the problem and identify the best solutions. In addition to taking steps to control particulate sources, an air cleaner or air purifier system is often recommended. Your home or business may also need better ventilation to help remove particulates and bring in fresher, cleaner air.

The San Joaquin Valley has long had issues with air pollution outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you need to suffer indoors. Indoor particle pollution is a potentially dangerous situation that needs to be dealt with quickly and correctly. To put your mind at ease, trust the expert indoor air quality services of ZONE Air & Heating Inc. or call 559-306-6433.