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breathe easy
breathe easy

Itchy watery eyes

Runny nose

Sore throat



Reduced lung capacity

Loss of taste

Loss of smell

Loss of energy

Interrupted sleep



Sexual side effects

Immune deficiencies

Auto immune disorder


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Back of the return picks up all the big particles; between 3-5" filter.

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80% of air is smaller than .8 microns - turns snowflakes into snowballs.

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Evaporative is cool dark place for food source - bug zapper for mold and bacteria to grow on that coil.

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Created cleaning particles that are able to blow thru out house and clean duct work, air and services.

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Able to absorb particles at .8 microns at 99 efficient, only thing that can remove particles that small; wholing hepafilter.

What life could be like with The Breath Easy Plan?

With The Breathe Easy Plan you will have breathable air that’s free of health threatening pollutants, with a higher quality of life, lower risk of respiratory illnesses, and a reduced risk of various chronic conditions.

The Service Plan includes maintenance once/year on HVAC system, filter change and all IAQ maintenance.

All Breathe Easy equipment is warrantied for the life of your subscription.

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