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breathe easy
breathe easy
Evidence of Pollution
Evidence of Pollution
Comfort-Now Dirty Blower
Comfort-Now Dirty Duct Work
Comfort-Now Growth of Equipment
Comfort-Now Leaks in Duct Work
Effects of Indoor Air Pollution
Effects of Indoor Air Pollution

Itchy watery eyes

Runny nose

Sore throat



Reduced lung capacity

Loss of taste

Loss of smell

Loss of energy

Interrupted sleep



Sexual side effects

Immune deficiencies

Auto immune disorder


Comfort-Now at your service
Comfort-Now at your service
Breathe Easy
Breathe Easy
Stage 1

Media Filter

Back of the return picks up all the big particles; between 3-5" filter.

Stage 2

Blower Ionizer

80% of air is smaller than .8 microns - turns snowflakes into snowballs.

Stage 3

Bacterial Growth Inhibitor

Evaporative is cool dark place for food source - bug zapper for mold and bacteria to grow on that coil.

Stage 4

Induct Sanitizer

Created cleaning particles that are able to blow thru out house and clean duct work, air and services.

Stage 5

Particle Absorber

Able to absorb particles at .8 microns at 99 efficient, only thing that can remove particles that small; wholing hepafilter.

What life could be like with The Breath Easy Plan?

With The Breathe Easy Plan you will have breathable air that’s free of health threatening pollutants, with a higher quality of life, lower risk of respiratory illnesses, and a reduced risk of various chronic conditions.

The Service Plan includes maintenance once/year on HVAC system, filter change and all IAQ maintenance.

All Breathe Easy equipment is warrantied for the life of your subscription.

Signs of Poor IAQ

Although the signs and symptoms of poor air quality can mimic allergies or the common cold, there are ways you can tell if it’s your home that’s literally making you sick. If you find that you and your family have any of the following symptoms only at home or experience them more severely after being in the house for a while, chances are good you need Comfort Now Air Conditioning & Heating to check your IAQ.

  • Stuffy or runny nose
  • Itchy or watery eyes
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness or nausea
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sneezing and coughing

What is IAQ and Why Does it Matter?

We spend a significant amount of time inside our homes. As such, we breathe the air inside our homes more than any other location. Because today’s homes are better sealed than in the past to conserve energy, the air inside can become trapped and allow contaminants to build up. Some reasons that your air quality may not be what it should include mold and mildew growth, an improperly operating ventilator, and air purifiers that no longer do their job. The good news is that Comfort Now Air Conditioning & Heating has many solutions to improve your home’s air quality.

Our Solutions

After thoroughly testing the air quality in your home, we’ll make recommendations on how to improve it. We’ll provide you with all the information you need to help you make an educated decision. Sometimes, the solution is simple as cleaning your ducts or replacing your air filters with higher quality ones, while other times the answer is more involved. Some other solutions may include:

  • Increasing or decreasing your home’s humidity with air humidifiers or dehumidifiers
  • Adding an air cleaners or an air purification system to clean the air
  • Repair or replacing your ventilator

Air Scrubber by Aerus

Air ScrubberThe Air Scrubber by Aerus uses advanced ActivePure® Technology to remove odors, VOCs, dust, dander, other air pollutants, and surface contaminants from your home. Having one of these devices installed directly into your HVAC system by a professional will help to make your indoor environment healthier, cleaner, and more efficient. The Air Scrubber by Aerus uses light waves and a catalytic process to create scrubber ions that work to clean the air safely and effectively.

Don’t Suffer Another Day

Call Comfort Now Air Conditioning & Heating for an IAQ inspection. You can count on our professionals to properly check your home and help you find the best solutions for your air quality issues. We look forward to helping your family breathe clean air again. If you’re a business owner and wonder about your IAQ, we can help you too! Don’t suffer the effects of poor air quality any longer, schedule your IAQ check today.

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