In the United States, 89% of single-family homes have air conditioning, and nearly 90% of new homes are built with central air conditioning systems. This is an extremely high number when compared to continents, including Africa and South America. Despite your relief from the heat, a noisy air conditioner can still plague you at night.

Here are our favorite ways to quiet common ac noises.

Installing a Sound or Compressor Blanket

Installing a compressor blanket can be a very specific and effective way to reduce air conditioner noises. While its name may make you believe the blanket “compresses” sound so that you don’t hear it, it actually refers to the compressor components within the air conditioner unit.

The full name of an abbreviated HVAC system is a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. The compressor of the system is in charge of the cooling section of the machine.

Long story short, the compressor is in charge of maintaining the various liquid and gaseous states of refrigerant liquid. If your AC is not working, your HVAC compressor could very likely be the reason why.

When the compressor is broken, it can, unfortunately, give off rattling, grinding, clinking sounds, and more. To a lesser degree, these sounds occur even when your system is working correctly, too!

Getting a noise blocker can be an efficient and inexpensive way to prevent noise if your home’s temperature is consistent.

Consider AC System Size

Sometimes, your AC unit is simply loud. It doesn’t matter what blanket you install; it doesn’t matter how well it’s working; it’s still keeping you up at night and making it impossible for you to focus during the day.

Your HVAC unit might actually be too big for your floor plan or house size! If you’re certain that your unit is providing you enough heat and cooling, it may be worth seeking an expert to see if a smaller, quieter unit could keep you just as comfortable.

There are many calculators that can help you in properly sizing an AC unit to your floor and house space. Using one of these digital tools is a great way to get started before receiving a quote from an installation company.

While reducing the size of your loud air conditioner may help tremendously, in some cases, it can’t be done without making the system too weak to use. In these cases, moving the system to another location may be your best bet.

Noisy Air Conditioner Experts

Did you know that specific city and county permits are necessary to alter and replace air conditioners? Although it will cost money to hire an expert, oftentimes, hiring an HVAC installation and repair company is the fastest way to relieve your ears.

Here at Comfort Now, we offer large rebates for new system replacements and as little as $9.99 for diagnostic testing. We’ll make sure your system is up and running as soon as possible and is headquartered in the Visalia, CA area. Call us today to address your noisy air conditioner.