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Tulare is a community with a mission: "to promote a quality of life making Tulare the most desirable community in which to live, learn, play, work, worship, and prosper."

Here at Comfort Air we’re proud to be able to contribute to that mission in some small way by offering a highly professional and reliable HVAC service the residents of Tulare can depend on.

Tulare is a stable community where people don’t move much. A lot of people here are very satisfied with their homes. But that means if you’re living in Tulare you’ll need to make sure your existing home remains as comfortable and as functional as possible. And if you’re new to the area, you should be thinking about two things when thinking about your heating and cooling needs: climate, and air quality.


Tulare has a warm, sunny climate, and in the early part of the year it’s usually quite pleasant. However, May through September can be rough months for keeping your house cool, as temperatures can skyrocket well into the 100s. A good AC isn’t a luxury in Tulare. It’s a necessity. Heat stroke is a real concern.

At times, residents in Tulare even receive excessive heat warnings. Fortunately, if your AC goes out we can reach you fast. We do, however, recommend you schedule regular maintenance with us every year so we can make sure your AC continues to keep your home comfortable.

Don’t think you can get away with not having a good heater though. In the winter months temperatures can and do dip below freezing. And you’d be surprised to know how cold the interior of your home can get when outdoor temperatures reach the 40s, which is a little more typical. Don’t worry. We’re prepared to help you enjoy a comfortable, livable home throughout the year.

Air Quality

Tulare sometimes struggles with air quality, and receives poor air quality warnings too. The typical air quality is “moderate,” which isn’t great. “Moderate” air quality means anyone with respiratory issues should limit their contact with the great outdoors. The typical culprit here isn’t pollen, but a pollutant known as PM2.5, a particulate pollutant known to irritate both the respiratory system and the mucous membranes. These particles come from cars, dust storms, and forest fires, to name just a few sources, and while they can only be found with an electron microscope they do their damage all the same.

We can help. If you are a person who might be bothered by Tulare’s struggles with air quality talk to us about adding an air filter to your AC. This will help you keep PM2.5 out of your home and out of your lungs. It’s just one more way we can be there for our neighbors in Tulare.

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