Converting a largely unused garage into an extra room is becoming increasingly popular for homeowners in Tulare, CA. One of the most common issues, however, is maintaining the temperature in a converted garage because it doesn’t have the same kind of insulation as the rest of the house. By addressing your garage’s insulation and HVAC needs, your converted space can be a great new spot in your home.

Boost Your Insulation

First, you need to address the insulation in the garage you’re converting. If your garage is built out of cinderblock, you can add some stud framing, insert insulation behind the studs, and top off the framing with some drywall. You can easily use spray-foam insulation in your walls to make sure you’re not losing any conditioned air if you already have drywall but no insulation.

Use Your Existing HVAC

One option for getting conditioned air into your converted space is to run ductwork from your existing HVAC system into the garage. Not all HVAC technicians exactly calculate the proper-sized HVAC system for your space and some “play it safe” by installing a unit that’s a bit larger than what your home actually needs. If this is the case, you can easily expand the ducts into your converted garage.

Install a Ductless HVAC System

A better option could be to get a ductless mini-split system installed. These systems are small, efficient, and regulate a single room without impacting the rest of your home. A ductless system is great because you don’t have to install any new ductwork. You can also keep your new space at a different temperature than the rest of the house if you want to.

If you’re ready to make your converted garage more comfortable than ever before ZONE Air & Heating Inc. is ready to help. Whether you’re looking to install a new HVAC system, expand the one you have, or install a ductless mini-split our technicians can help. Contact us online or call 559-306-6433 to learn more about how we can transform your converted garage into a more comfortable space with our HVAC solutions.

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