How To Install The Cheapest Air Conditioning System

Here is a list of things that a contractor can cut out in order to have the lowest price.


Experienced professional technicians who are background checked and drug tested. Your home is the most valuable thing in your life and we wouldn’t just trust anybody. We wouldn’t send anyone out who we wouldn’t feel comfortable sending to our own grandmothers home.


Full support office and call center. If you have a question or need help we can respond like it was a fire. One of the most frustrating things about trying to get ahold of contractors is talking to a voicemail box. 


After hour technicians. Problems do not just arrive 8 to 5. We can respond when you need us.


Check List. This allows you to hold the technician doing the work accountable and to make sure nothing was missed.


Permits. This is to protect you and your investment in your home. It is required by law and your responsibility to make sure your contractor pulls and finalized the permit. Most contractors do not do this to try to save a few bucks.


Duct sealing and testing. Most homes leak 30 to 40 percent of the air into the attic. This ensures you have the best efficiency possible.


Load Calculations. It’s the contractors responsibility to do the correct load calculation. According to the department of energy a good contractor will not size the equipment based on what’s there or by square feet by ton.


Air flow updates and modifications. Having the correct air flow is critical for life of the equipment and efficiency. Most installs are not able to provide enough air because of duct design and restrictions.


Refrigerant Charge Adjustments. Just like a high performance motor it has to be fined tune to get the maximum power.


Deep Vacuum 500 microns. Adds one hour to the installation time but wont last 5 years and cause countless headaches if it is short cutted or skipped.


Nitrogen Brazing. Keeps the copper pipes clean and smooth on the inside during brazing. Without the nitrogen to displace the oxygen black soot builds up like sand paper eventually plugging up the metering device and shortening the life of the compressor.


Float Switch. Helps protect against thousands of dollars of water damage caused by the condensate plugging up.


Electrical and safety update, (breaker, disconnect, conduit, gas flex, gas valve, drip leg. You don’t want to have a weak link in your chain ruining your day. We update everything so that your system is problem free.


Custom made transition. In order to not bottleneck air flow custom made transitions help reduce static and keep the air flowing strong.


Our price is composed of 4 things:

  1. Overhead. This is the support that you need that allows us to be a 5 star company.
  2. Technicians. Professional craftsmen that will get the job done right.
  3. Equipment and materials. Precisely chosen to give you the best life and efficiency.
  4. Profit. Necessary for the company to stay in business.

Is 10% an acceptable profit to be made for a 5 star company?

The point is, there are companies out there who may be able to provide you a “cheap” air conditioning installation, but just keep in mind that you get what you pay for. More than likely, when you pay less up front, you will end up paying more down the road. At Comfort Now, you will always get honest, experienced, professional, and reasonably priced HVAC services. We also back all of our services with our customer guarantee. Learn more or schedule your service today.