Air conditioning efficiency measures how much cooling capacity your system has compared to the amount of energy expended. As your system ages, that efficiency gradually declines, especially if you don’t maintain it annually. Here are some key indications your AC is cooling less efficiently than intended in your Terra Bella, CA, home.

Long Run Cycles

One of the first things to look for is whether your system is running longer cycles than usual. When your system doesn’t cool properly, it requires longer cycles to achieve the desired temperature. These long cycles lead to additional AC repairs.

More Humidity While Running

Your air conditioner removes some of the humidity from the air as it cycles. This happens because the humidity condenses at a certain temperature, which it achieves when running properly. Too much humidity as the system runs indicates there’s a problem with the system running efficiently.

Rising Utility Bills

The longer run cycles along with the additional strain of inefficiency have their effect on your utility bills. Your energy bill naturally moves up and down based on the outside temperature, humidity, and cost of energy. However, if you notice your actual energy usage continues to creep up, you know there’s an efficiency problem.

Inconsistent Temperatures Around Your Home

Another key indicator of an efficiency problem with your HVAC system is inconsistent temperatures. Ideally, every room in your home will have the same temperature. However, when your system operates inefficiently, the rooms further away from your central air conditioner will remain warmer.

How to Keep Your System Efficient

The best way to keep your system running efficiently is to keep up on your routine maintenance. The first step is to check and replace your air filter regularly. Most experts recommend changing your filters about every three months depending on filter type and air quality.

Beyond your air filter, your system needs an annual professional tune-up. This includes cleaning all the areas that commonly have airflow restrictions. Our technicians will also test all the system components to ensure they’re operating optimally.

Keep your air conditioning running effectively throughout the summer. Call to schedule your HVAC maintenance with our experts at ZONE Air & Heating Inc., today.

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