You’ve rushed out the door for work… only to remember that you left your thermostat on 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, you’re wasting substantial amounts of energy unnecessarily and adding to your energy bill in the process.

If only there were a way to lower your thermostat remotely. Well, there is! It’s called a smart thermostat and it offers a number of capabilities that you can’t get with conventional thermostats.

Wondering how you can benefit from a smart thermostat in Visalia CA? Then read on. Here are the benefits of a smart thermostat.

Saves You Money

A smart thermostat costs more than a conventional thermostat . . . at first. However, due to the smart thermostat’s ability to alter temperatures automatically throughout the day, it will cut down your energy usage and therefore save you money over time.

Let’s say that you want your home to sit at 70 degrees Fahrenheit at night when you get home but want to turn it up to 78 degrees Fahrenheit when you’re not home. You can ensure that this happens on a regular basis by simply programming your thermostat to accommodate the changes.

You could also, say, program your thermostat to turn the temperature down during bedtime. This, again, could save you money on energy usage.

Ensures Optimal Comfort at All Times

Another benefit of smart thermostats is that they ensure optimal comfort at all times. This is because they can be programmed to make temperature changes, even when you’re not in the home.

So, if you wanted to, for example, keep your temperature at 78 degrees during the day but have it cooled to 72 degrees by the time you get home, you could program your thermostat to run your air conditioner an hour before your typical arrival time. This way, the home will be fully cooled when you step through the door.

Allows You to Make Adjustments Remotely

Smart thermostats can be controlled through phone apps. Therefore, they can be adjusted from remote locations.

Let’s say that you want to turn your temperature up to save energy but forgot to do so before you left your home. With a smart thermostat, you could simply make the adjustment from your phone after you’ve arrived at work.

Gauges Your Comfort Preferences

Smart thermostats also have the ability to gauge and learn your comfort preferences. This enables them to make automatic temperature changes throughout the day without you having to even program them.

If you have a zoned cooling or heating system, you can use a smart thermostat to gauge which parts of the home are in use. The thermostat will then adjust temperatures and cater to those parts based on what it gauges.

Interested in Installing a Smart Thermostat in Visalia CA?

As you can see, smart thermostats provide a variety of benefits that you won’t get with conventional thermostats. Looking to install a smart thermostat in Visalia CA? Look no further than Comfort Now Air Conditioning & Heating.

We’ve installed smart thermostats in a bevy of Visalia area homes, allowing our clients to fine-tune their home temperature to a tee. If you need help with a smart thermostat or some other portion of your HVAC system, give us a call.

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