Has the sound of someone sniffling or sneezing in bouts become more common in your home? Have you noticed your nose curls up whenever your HVAC system turns on? And do these things stop happening once you leave the house? 

If so, you probably need duct cleaning. It’s even more likely if you haven’t had this heating and air conditioner cleaning service done for years. By now, your HVAC ducts may already have significant dirt, dust, and debris build-up.

After filtration, the air flowing through the system can pick up those particles. This can lead to poor indoor air quality (IAQ), which can cause or contribute to lung diseases. That includes infections, allergies, and asthma.

All that should be enough reason to consider investing in duct cleaning.

But what exactly happens on the day of this HVAC maintenance service? This guide explains it in more detail, so please read on. 

Confirm the Appointment With a Call

After booking your appointment with a professional HVAC service provider, expect a call from them on the day of your service. They’ll call you 30 to 60 minutes before your scheduled slot to confirm they’ll arrive on time. 

Once the uniformed technicians arrive, they’ll park their service vehicle as close to your house as possible. This way, their high-tech cleaning equipment, including vacuum hoses, can reach your ducts. 

Explain the Process

Before the technicians start, they’ll discuss the process and its steps with you. They’ll also warn you about the sounds their machines can make, which can be loud. They’ll likely recommend wearing ear muffs if you must be near the work area.

You can also ask them questions about your heating and air conditioning system. It’s also wise to tell them about other HVAC problems in your Portersville home.

Thoroughly Inspect the Ducts

After happily answering your questions, the technicians will then inspect your ducts. They’ll ask you to take them to every vented room in your Portersville home. This will help them map out their cleaning course. 

They’ll look for and document duct damage, such as leaks, kinks, or torn insulation. You might also want to take before photos to see the difference after the service.

If the damages are only minor, the technicians will fix them. But if they’re severe, they may recommend air duct repair.

Air leaks can make your heating and cooling bills jump by hundreds of dollars yearly. So, sealing them up and insulating your ducts are among the best ways to cut energy costs. 

Prep the Ducts for Vacuuming

The technicians will now prepare your ducts for cleaning, starting with surface protection. They’ll place drop clothes on the floor and use corner guards for the walls. 

Next, they’ll run the vacuum hose from their service vehicle to the main trunk line. They’ll also gather the compressor hose and all the tools they need. They’ll then seal off all your registers and vents. 

The technicians will also cut access holes in the ductwork. They’ll connect the vacuum hose to these openings. Finally, they’ll hook the powerful vacuum to the trunk line. 

Vacuum the Ducts Vent by Vent

With everything all hooked up, the technicians will turn on their high-tech equipment. They’ll use compressed air to agitate, blow debris off, and remove allergens from the ducts. They’ll then use their high-powered suction machines to clear the dislodged particles.

They’ll do those steps one vent at a time.

You can also expect the pros to take before and after photos of each area they clean. This allows them to confirm that they’ve thoroughly cleaned the ducts. They’ll also show you the pictures once they’ve completed the job. 

Disinfect the Ducts

Airborne pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and molds can flow within HVAC ducts. Some can settle on the ductwork’s interior surfaces, while others can mix with your indoor air. Either way, they can contribute to poor IAQ and potential illnesses.

Many germs love moisture, so high indoor humidity problems can compound the problem.

Fortunately, heating, ventilation, and air conditioner cleaning service providers can disinfect your system. You can request them to include it in the duct cleaning process.

The disinfectants can help kill or inactivate common germs, molds, and mildew. They’re also effective at neutralizing foul odors affecting your ducts. 

Clean Other Parts of Your System

After the ducts, the technicians will clean other parts of your HVAC system. This often includes the evaporator coil, blower, and drain pan.

If your air filters are dirty, the technicians will replace them if you have new ones available. If not, the technicians may offer compatible replacements that you can buy from them. 

Seal the Holes

Next, the technicians will close all the holes they’ve cut in your ductwork. They’ll seal these openings with high-quality, durable plugs and sheet metal. They’ll also reopen the registers and vents they closed.

They’ll then run the HVAC system and test it for air leaks to ensure they’ve closed all the holes.

Clean the Work Area

After the main cleaning job, the technicians will clean up the work site. They’ll carefully remove the wall protectors and drop sheets they’ve used. They’ll also sweep the areas they’ve worked in and put things they’ve moved (e.g., furniture) back in their place.

Review the Job With You

The technicians will go over everything they’ve done. They’ll prove this by showing you the before and after photos they took.

The technicians will also tell about HVAC problems they found during their inspection. For example, they may have seen your AC pan leaking because it’s severely cracked or corroded. In this case, they’ll recommend you have it replaced ASAP. 

Schedule Your Heater and Air Conditioner Cleaning Service Today

If you haven’t had your ductwork cleaned for years, now’s the time to show it some TLC, considering its crucial roles in your home’s comfort and IAQ. The pre-cleaning inspection can also reveal issues the HVAC technicians can fix pronto.

So, why not schedule your ductwork, heater, and air conditioner cleaning service with us at Comfort Now? We’ve been in business for over a decade, providing high-quality HVAC services to Portersville, CA, and the surrounding areas.

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