By simply replacing a clogged air filter you can lower your HVAC’s energy consumption by up to 15%. If such a small bit of maintenance can make such a large difference, then why don’t more people make it a priority? The answer: many people just aren’t aware of what happens when you ignore heating and cooling maintenance.

If you’re one of those people, that’s ok! Because in this post, we’ll show you a few of the things that can happen when you ignore your fall air conditioner maintenance.

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Blocked Air Flow Around Exterior Unit

In order to function properly, your exterior HVAC unit needs a decent amount of clearance around it for airflow. During the summer, if left unchecked, grass, shrubs, and other debris can quickly build up around the exterior unit.

If you don’t clean up around it in the fall then the dying plant life will soon become a problem. It can end up blocking that airflow and making it so your system needs to work much harder to heat or cool your home.

Poor Air Quality

Changing or cleaning your air filter is one of the most important things you can do for fall AC maintenance. If you haven’t already changed the filter during the summer then all of the pollen, other allergens, dust, and debris that has been building up in the air filter during spring and summer will still be there into the fall.

When the filter gets clogged with dirt like this it makes it less effective and leads to poor air quality in your home.

As the temperature in Hanford drops to the lows of fall and winter you’ll likely spend much more time inside your home rather than outside. You don’t want to be breathing in unnecessary dust and dirt every day.

Health Risks

If you don’t do heating and cooling maintenance in the fall then you run the risk of switching to heating with unknown damages to your system. It’s important that you catch any damages, leaks, or other potential safety hazards early, so they can be fixed before they can make you sick.

One of the most common dangers is a build-up of carbon monoxide from a malfunctioning furnace. CO poisoning can make you very sick at best and can be fatal at worst.

Higher Heating Costs

It may seem impossible now since recent temperatures in Hanford, CA have been in the 80’s, 90’s, and even 100’s, but cooler weather is coming soon.

Along with that cooler weather comes a switch to heating. If your HVAC isn’t well-maintained it can wind up costing you much more in heating costs. The harder the unit has to work to warm up your home, the more you’ll be paying for it.

A well-maintained unit will be working as efficiently as possible, which means you’ll be paying as little as possible.

Take Care of Your Heating and Cooling Maintenance Today

Heating and cooling maintenance are an important part of the change in the seasons. As you shift from the hot summer months towards the cooler temperatures of fall it’s time to prepare your HVAC system to be ready to switch over to heating.

If you’re in the Hanford, CA area and are in need of regular HVAC maintenance or an HVAC repair before fall, we can help! Schedule an appointment today.