Don’t be fooled by a low price – it often means a contractor is cutting corners at your expense. 

Improperly sizing and installation are likely to reduce your comfort, increase your operating costs, lead to expensive repairs and shorten the life of your equipment. 

Protect Your Investment 

Make Sure Your Contractor Meets ALL These Standards

  • Written 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee that includes 
    • One-year Buy It Back 
    • One-year Comfort Guarantee 
    • 24-hour priority service during a one-year warranty period 
  • Certified Installers – It ensures the installer has the knowledge to do it right. 
  • Building permit obtained by the contractor to ensure work meets local legal, safety, and workmanship requirements (call city or county to verify the contractor has obtained permit). 
  • Current business license (ask to see it). 
  • Current state contractors license (ask to see it). 
  • Evidence of complete insurance coverage to protect you and your home – general liability, worker’s compensation, auto, and umbrella (ask to see it or call agent to verify). 
  • Thorough employee screening for criminal background, drug use, driving history, and past employment to ensure your home and family are safe. 
  • New thermostat with every installation of equipment. 
  • Equipment-saving installation process including, at a minimum 
    • Nitrogen welding on air conditioning lines to protect from leaking 
    • Aluminum evaporator coils to protect from coil leaks 
    • Electronic charging method to protect system and guarantee maximum efficiency 
    • Filter dryer to protect the system 
    • Test out the procedure to ensure everything is working as efficiently as possible.
  • Does the company have an actual office, warehouse, and showroom that you can visit with friendly office personnel to assist you with any questions?
  • Does the company do follow-up calls and customer surveys to constantly be aware of customer satisfaction?
  • Does the company provide continuous training to its employees to keep them up-to-date on current technology and equipment?
  • All costs for the above included in the proposal – no hidden costs, fees, or taxes. 
  • Member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau with no unresolved complaints. (Call the BBB to make sure.)

Why Choose Comfort Now Air Conditioning and Heating

We answer “Yes” to all the questions on “Choosing a Home Comfort Specialist”! 

We offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantees. We offer Performance “Comfort” Guarantees.

We offer “ Apples for Apples” Low Price Guarantees. 

We train all of our comfort advisors to help our customers make the most informed choices. They are licensed by all required agencies. 

We train all of our installation and service technicians and insist upon continuous training to keep their skills sharp. They are certified by all required agencies.

We have the best possible support team in our customer service department, ready to service all your comfort needs. 

We monitor our customer’s satisfaction with “Happy Calls”. 

We wear carpet savers in every home and clean up after we’re done. 

We provide a complete drug-free workforce. 

We don’t smoke or swear in our customer’s homes. 

We install the best products in accordance with local codes and the manufacturer’s specifications. 

Consider before you buy 

“As with any home improvement industry, there will always be a few companies that offer cheap prices. Unfortunately, several of those companies offer cheap prices by cutting corners. They may use lesser quality materials, not include everything necessary to ensure reliable operation and some even operate without insurance or proper licenses to save expenses.” 

“The result: a finished product that reflects performance, reliability and, in some cases, safety issues well below the accepted Industry Standard Minimum.” 

“We assume you are interested in a system that at minimum reflects our Basic Industry Standards in terms of quality, reliability, and safety, right?” 

Having a contractor who will take the time to design and test a system that will truly serve your home will save you a lot of time, money, and aggravation. Call Comfort Now Air Conditioning & Heating for reliable A/C Installation & Replacement.