California is known for having a fairly warm climate, but you’ll still want to be prepared for those colder winter months. A home heating system will ensure you and your family are comfortable when the temperatures drop, but only if it’s working correctly.

Even a well-maintained heating system will experience issues. Wear and tear take a toll and parts fail. There will be times when you need the services of a professional heating repair company, but how do you know when this is?

In this guide, we’ll cover some of the tell-tale signs that you need heating maintenance in Visalia, CA. Keep reading for more.

Unusual Noises

Most heating systems make some noise when they’re functioning properly, but you’ll quickly get used to these. At some point, however, you may start to notice different noises, and this could be a bad sign.

Banging, clanking, or screeching noises might happen if there’s something wrong with your system. Various parts can cause this, and it may be tricky to know exactly what’s wrong.

A professional heating maintenance technician should be able to identify the problem and deal with it. In most cases, you won’t experience a complete failure as long as you deal with the issue quickly.

Bad Smells

You may notice a slight smell when you first turn on your furnace. This is probably just dust burning off the ducts and it’s nothing to worry about as it should fade within a few hours.

If there’s a smell that doesn’t go away, however, then there might be another issue. For example, there could be a broken mechanical part that gives off a smell similar to burning rubber or plastic.

Sometimes a smell can come from dirt and debris getting caught in the filter. Changing the air filter may eliminate the smell, so try this first.

If a smell persists, don’t ignore it. This is a clear sign that something is’t right. Contact a professional as soon as you can to take a look at your system.

Uneven Heating

A working furnace should be able to heat your home evenly. If there are cold spots in your home, then there’s likely an issue.

You may move from one room to another and notice a sizable temperature change. There are several issues that can cause this.

The first is a faulty thermostat. You may need to adjust the settings or replace it with a new one. Fortunately, you can do this without replacing the entire system so it’s a fairly simple repair job.

A clogged filter may also cause uneven heating, so replacing this could be the solution. You can do this yourself and it won’t cost too much.

If neither of these work then there’s likely a larger issue such as a damaged heating element. You’ll want to contact professional heating services to investigate and find out what the problem is.

Unusually High Energy Bills

During the winter, it’s normal to experience higher bills due to increased energy use. Heating bills always seem to be on the rise too, so your bills this year may be slightly higher than they were last year.

With that in mind, there shouldn’t be a huge increase. If you notice a sudden spike in your utility bills, a faulty furnace could be the reason.

In many cases, a furnace that isn’t functioning properly will become noticeably less efficient. It will need to use more energy to heat your home. As a result, your energy bills will go up quite a lot even if you aren’t increasing your usage.

You should contact a heating repair company as soon as you can. The longer you leave it without doing anything, the more you’ll spend on these excessive bills.

Reduced Air Quality

This isn’t something you can see, so it may be difficult to detect, but you can still notice it. Some heating system issues can cause the air in a home to get stuffy or hazy, making it less comfortable.

A flawed furnace could circulate contaminants like allergens, dust, and mildew spores. These can present a health risk, and you and your family might experience respiratory issues as a result.

Changing the filter is a good idea when this happens. It can cause such issues if it’s damaged or clogged. You should regularly check your filter to avoid this.

The problem could be more than just the filter, however. In this case, a professional will be able to examine your system and diagnose the issue. This is something you want to deal with immediately as it can negatively impact the health of your family.

Frequent Repairs

As a furnace gets older, parts will fail more frequently and it will experience more issues. It may get to a point where repairs are needed very often, and this will be costing you a lot of money.

A new furnace will experience far fewer issues. While there will be an initial investment, it may be well worth it.

The money you’re spending on repairs could be excessive, and it will be struggling to keep up with your needs. On top of being more reliable, a new heating system will be more efficient, so you’ll also start saving money on your energy bills.

You Have to Constantly Adjust Your Thermostat

When you set your thermostat, your heating system should keep your home at a stable temperature. It might struggle to do this if there’s something wrong.

You may find that you have to keep adjusting the thermostat to keep your home comfortable. This is a sign that there’s something wrong, but it can be difficult to know what. Contact a professional so they can investigate and figure out the issue.

Professional Heating Repair in Visalia, CA

If your heating system is doing anything it shouldn’t or isn’t functioning properly, you’ll need to have a professional take a look. A qualified heating repair company will be able to tell you what the issue is and suggest the best fix.

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