The rise of widespread illnesses like coronavirus is leading to increased interest in airborne pathogens and bacteria. While many news stories focus on ways to protect yourself while you’re on the go, they may overlook the dangers that are lurking inside your own Porterville home. Fortunately, protecting your family from airborne viruses and bacteria might be easier than you think. Here’s what you need to know.

Mechanical Ventilation

Ventilation is essential for maintaining healthy indoor air. Studies show that increased air circulation reduces the concentration of airborne pathogens and lowers disease transmission rates. This is important for preventing seasonal illnesses that thrive in enclosed, poorly ventilated spaces. If your home feels stuffy, an energy-recovery ventilator can alleviate your symptoms and exhaust airborne pollutants.

Humidity Management

Balanced humidity and optimal air quality go hand in hand. Experts recommend keeping the relative humidity below 50% to deter organic growth and dust mites but above 30% to prevent respiratory irritation. Adding extra moisture, especially during the winter, can reduce viral mobility and moisturize your airways to ensure that you’re better protected from seasonal illnesses. If you want to balance the humidity throughout your home, consider installing a whole-house humidifier that can release precise amounts of water vapor as needed.

Germicidal Air Cleaners

If you’re looking for a permanent way to maintain a germ-free home, consider installing an air purifier that uses static electricity to capture incoming pathogens and to damage viruses at the genetic level. These systems disable germs that cause strep throat, the flu, and other season illnesses. UV lamps that are installed within your HVAC unit can perform a similar function by using ultraviolet rays to improve your indoor air quality.

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